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When I wish upon a star ...

I wish for you!

K Hos
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Nil me i gconi le mo lamhi, nil me i gconi le mo shulta, me i gconile moi chrio

I don't live with my hands, I don't live with my eyes, I live with my heart

Love is a temptation caused by a sensation
which a man sticks his location into a girls destination
which doubles the population for the next generation
do you need an explanation or do you need a demonstration?

"love is most nearly itself when here and now cease to matter" ~T.S.Elliot

"I don't want to be a product of my environment, I want my environment to be a product of me."

...and I never need to see the sun again there's enough light in your eyes to light up all the world...

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.


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Your Porn Star Name is: Sweetest Sin

interesting quotes/lyrics

"I remember the stupid things, the mood-rings, the bracelets and the beads, nickles and dimes yours and mine, did you cash in all your dreams?"

"Im falling even more in love with you, leting go of what I've held onto, Im standing here till you make me move, Im hanging by a moment with you"

"sex can be quite nice, thaknyouverymuch.But it's better when it's with a person you care about as much as you want to grope"

"its not that you wern't worthy of being taken, it was the way he asked"

"i thought you too old to be making bastards," "i knew your mother when she was making bastards, though fortunatly, you are too old to be one of mine"

"For later O Queen of kink"

"Ahhh!" Amber moans in appreciation. "Who knew slimey rawness could feel this good? Wait," she pauses. "Let me rephrase."

"Crying is for girls, babies, and men who've just had their ears ripped off"

"Yes I have a question. Why are we all talking in british accents, when were from outerspace, and there is no great britian?!"

"Shes gone from suck to blow"

Make love, not war,
hit the bed, not the floor,
sex is kinky i want more